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Welcome to Aashirs, where elegance meets quality, style, inclusivity & affordability. We are more than just a jewellery brand; we are storytellers, weaving tales of timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship - always with more to offer, be it stories or designs. With every piece we create, we honour the dynamic nature of time, infusing our designs with a contemporary twist that resonates with modern aesthetics.

  • International Women's Day Spotlight on our Founder & CEO

    Aashirs isn't just a brand; it's a movement that champions the cause of rural women, marginalized individuals, and people with disabilities, offering them not just skills but sustainable livelihoods. This venture takes pride in being wholly women-run and led, epitomizing the power of women leadership.

    Read the full article on the Outlook India website.

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In a significant stride toward fostering women's empowerment and sustainable entrepreneurship, Ashirbani Roy has established Aashirs, a groundbreaking social enterprise distinguished by its commitment to enhancing the skills of marginalized communities through jewelry making. Situated in India, Aashirs transcends mere branding; it embodies a movement advocating for the advancement of rural women, marginalized groups, and individuals with disabilities, providing them not only with skills but also sustainable means of living. Emphasizing its entirely female-operated and directed nature, this endeavor symbolizes the potency of women's leadership. Ashirbani's vision surpasses conventional business objectives; it revolves around honoring craftsmanship and fostering adaptable employment opportunities for those in vulnerable circumstances.

Aashirs serves as a testament to the fusion of artistry, commerce, and societal benefit within social enterprises, thereby crafting a fresh narrative of empowerment and self-sufficiency.

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