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Bohemian Fusion - Hand Block Print Fabric Pendant Adjustable Necklace

Bohemian Fusion - Hand Block Print Fabric Pendant Adjustable Necklace

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This beautiful handcrafted necklace exudes a timeless elegance that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary style. Crafted from hand block print fabric, the pendant boasts intricate patterns infused with natural dyes, showcasing the artistry of skilled artisans. Its earthy charm is accentuated by the rustic jute boundary, adding a touch of organic texture to the piece.

The pendant is adorned with intricate oxidized motifs, adding a touch of antique charm. The maroon and black beads further enhances its allure, providing a subtle contrast against the earthy tones of the fabric and jute.

This necklace offers an adjustable length ensuring a perfect fit for any neckline or occasion. They are also paired with matching earrings made with beads and ghungroo, Whether paired with casual attire for a bohemian flair or added to formal ensembles for a sophisticated accent, this handcrafted masterpiece embodies the fusion of tradition and modernity, making it a captivating addition to any jewelry collection.

Length Of Pendant : 6.5 Inch

Care -

  • Store your jewelry in a dry and cool place, such as a jewelry box or a plastic box. 
  • Place of layer of cotton in the container and place the jewelry on top of it.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean your jewelry. 
  • Keep the Necklace away from water and any other liquid.
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