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German Silver Pearl Studded Floral Eartop

German Silver Pearl Studded Floral Eartop

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Introducing the epitome of elegance and allure - our German Silver Pearl Studded Floral Ear-tops . Handcrafted with precision and love, these mesmerizing earrings are the perfect amalgamation of traditional aesthetics and modern fashion.
Each Ear-top is intricately designed to showcase the exquisite beauty of German Silver, renowned for its radiant shine and durability. Crafted with a meticulous eye for detail, the earrings feature a delicate floral motif that symbolizes grace and femininity.
These earrings are versatile enough to be worn on any day, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your everyday ensemble.

Length - 1 Inch.
Care -

  • Store your jewelry in a dry and cool place, such as a jewelry box or drawer.This will help prevent tarnishing and discoloration.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean your jewelry. Remember to always remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, or engaging in any physical activity to prevent damage or loss.
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