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Royal Elegance - Coin and Blue Thread Bead Silver Tone Necklace

Royal Elegance - Coin and Blue Thread Bead Silver Tone Necklace

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Introducing our Coin and Royal Blue Thread Bead Necklace, accented with silver tone beads and featuring a tie-back closure. This stunning piece showcases intricately designed coin charms, paired with vibrant blue thread beads and interspersed with elegant silver tone beads. 

The royal blue thread beads bring a vibrant pop of color, perfectly complementing the silver tone and creating a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements. Designed for versatility and comfort, this necklace includes a convenient tie-back closure. Complemented by matching earrings, this set guarantees a cohesive and sophisticated look

Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a unique touch to your everyday ensemble, this Coin and Blue Thread Bead Necklace is sure to make a statement and enhance your look with its timeless appeal and modern charm.


  • Store in an airtight bag, jewelry box, or in other cool, dry place.
  • Keep away from Moisture.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean your jewelry. Remember to always remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, or engaging in any physical activity to prevent damage or loss.
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